Indigenous man shuts down redneck after “You live off my taxes” rant

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A First Nations Community Chief took to Facebook this week to recount the conversation he had with a man who tried to claim that his taxes pay the Chief’s salary.

The Facebook post has since gone viral for all the right reasons with more than 7,000 shares in less than a week. Even though this story comes from Canada, we have decided to highlight and publish the story as we are sure that mainstream media outlets will do their very best to avoid a story that delivers so many cold hard truths.

Wherever you’re reading this from, if you think people in your community could do with a little reminder of these facts, then why not share this around. You could share on your own wall or go further by sharing into community groups.

It seems far too many people are using these ignorant one liners to hide their guilt. These comments can even be heard in politics when they claim there are already so many handouts or that welfare is only leading to more problems.

The truth is these countries purposely under-fund Indigenous communities in an attempt to entice community members to search for a better life in major towns and cities with the final goals of disconnection from country and assimilation. The anger that builds among those who believe the ignorant claims also creates unwarranted pressure and serves to create a wider divide between Indigenous and non Indigenous people.

It has been happening in the past and continues to happen today. When you look at the richness of these colonial countries and compare it with the many inequalities that persist today, you would have to be a fool to believe that Indigenous populations have been compensated fairly.

Welcome to country is an Independent Indigenous news/media website. We have a habit of breaking the mainstream media’s stranglehold of news with viral news stories like this one.

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