Indigenous people are the most harassed & discriminated in Australia: Survey


A survey released by the Diversity Council Australia has revealed that Indigenous people are the most harassed and discriminated group of people in the country.

Indigenous people make up less than 3% of the population in Australia. According to the survey almost 40% of the Indigenous population reported incidences of workplace harassment and/or discrimination.

indigenous discrimination at work survey australia harassment

The survey revealed that discrimination towards Indigenous people was higher than rates of discrimination towards people with disabilities, people who experience age discrimination and LGBTIQ peoples.

Discrimination is something that we simply cannot escape from. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed or unemployed as both groups receive discrimination. Diversity Council Australia is calling on workplaces to become more inclusive. Their studies show that inclusive workplaces were 10 times more likely to be highly effective and nine times more likely to innovate.

We would like to call on workplaces to show some leadership and show respect. It’s the very least that can be done. Why not ask around or jump on Linkedin to do a search for an Indigenous inclusion specialist or cultural adviser.



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