Indigenous terrorists plan to detonate ‘truth bombs’ at Commonwealth Games

indigenous terrorists aboriginal commonwealth games protests

It’s just over one month before Indigenous protesters will begin to detonate truth bombs at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games run from April 4 to April 16 on the Gold Coast and Aboriginal protest groups: The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance and the Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy are spear-heading the protests that will occur during the games. The Commonwealth Games which have been labelled as the Stolenwealth Games, has a long history of Indigenous protests in Australia. Protests were held at the 1982 games in Brisbane and the 2006 games in Melbourne.

Recent news reports have branded protesters as potential terrorists who may resort to violence to achieve our goals. But this isn’t really necessary at all. The purpose of the protests has always been about getting our voices heard with a message that our land which you call Australia is Aboriginal land. The occupation of our land by the British colonisers is unjust and illegal to this day. That is why protests may target any royal parades and other occasions where there is a media spotlight. We want the message to be heard on a national and international level. Australia and Britain cannot continue to ignore the ongoing injustice faced by our people.

We don’t need to resort to violence as the truth already does an excellent job of terrorising Australia’s politicians, police and media. Any violence at these events would most likely stem from those who cannot handle the truth.

To any competing athletes reading this story, send a message to The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance to see how you can help make a statement on the world stage.



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