Is Twiggy Forrest Australia’s version of Donald Trump?

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After watching Twiggy’s latest press conference, all I want to know is if Twiggy Forrest Australia’s Donald Trump?

Twiggy has rolled into Canberra from Australia’s far north west and it appears he is quite filthy over his defeat in the courts last month against the local Yindjibarndi Aboriginal community where he was found to be operating his Solomon mines without any permission to do so. Doesn’t this make Twiggy Forrest a criminal? Well it seems he is well above the law, furthermore he now thinks he is entitled to stroll into parliament house and tell the government what they need to do.

Twiggy is not alone on this trip, he has ‘bought’ with him; two representatives of his very own minderoo Aboriginal organisation and the Mayor of Port Hedland (who reminded us of Detective Billy Rosewood from Beverly Hills Cop). One thing that Twiggy and his team forgot to bring were facts. Throughout today’s interview all of the troupe shot from the hip and expected everyone to believe it. As one commentator said, “this interview is just crazy”. According to these gun slingers from the west, Billions, yes Billions (mentioned on several occasions) had been spent on programs that have failed. They go on to suggest that the cashless welfare card is a raging success where factual reports from the Aboriginal Health Council already show that the program has caused problems to increase. The troupe went on to say a whole range of hearsay examples of why the cashless welfare card works, but once more there were no facts to back these claims up. They were well aware of the criticism from different sectors of the government and the community and they took the opportunity to verbally bash their critics with aggressive bullying tactics where they stated even more non factual information. You can see the full interview at the end of this article.

As I mentioned in the title, the interview left me feeling like Twiggy Forrest is Australia’s version of Donald Trump. Both Twiggy and Donald love to shoot from the hip, they both use arguments that are not factual and they both react aggressively when things don’t go their way. At the beginning of the interview you can see Twiggy Forrest’s controlling nature as he tries to coach the Indigenous members of his troupe how to behave in front of the camera in order to appear more genuine (whatever that means). Now Twiggy is not a politician here… I almost forgot that during the interview because he sure looks like one, he sounds like one and he sure is acting like one which is just like Donald Trump when he was officially known as a businessman. Could Twiggy even become a future Prime Minister of Australia?

Another part of Twiggy’s planned meeting with the Prime Minister is to show him a compilation of Indigenous violence from these towns. The troupe has also released the compilation video to the media who have jumped at the opportunity to demonise our communities even further which is a repeat of what happened before the military intervention against Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. The footage goes back a number of years, so the question has to be asked, why is he doing this now? It seems to me like this is his way of retaliation after he was exposed in the courts.

Indigenous leaders out of touch with Indigenous Australia

I am in no way defending these actions depicted in the violent videos but I would like to remind everyone of the reasons why the communities are broken in the first place. Through lack of education in regards to Australia’s recent history the majority of the non Indigenous population overlooks the impact of the frontier time when families were torn apart by means of slaughter, confinement in concentration camps or by being forced in to slavery. Beyond those times, the survivors of those broken families were once again ripped apart by force during the stolen generations where the government tried to breed out our race.

229 year old Elephant discovered in Australia

Today’s generation of Elders who are being criticised by the government, media and the general population for lack of leadership are the same people who were part of the governments ethnic cleansing campaign in which they were robbed of the richness to be gained from Aboriginal language, lore and culture. Why is it so hard to see? The solution to our broken communities is to┬árestore strong Indigenous leadership through our own customs which have kept us together for thousands of generations. It’s not rocket science!

The solution to our broken communities is to restore strong Indigenous leadership through our own customs which have kept us together for thousands of generations.

Click here to see the full interview

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