Jacinta Price ignoring callout for Indigenous Invasion Day debate

jacinta price invasion day callout

Jacinta Price appears to be ignoring a callout by a prominent Indigenous activist from Western Australia.

Marianne Headland Mackay has been very outspoken over the recent moves by Jacinta Price to side with right wing politicians and support campaigns to Save Australia Day. Just as many other have pointed out the holes in Jacinta Price’s arguments, Marianne is ready to have a live debate with Jacinta Price in an attempt to highlight some of the reasons why Australia Day must stop being celebrated on January 26th.

The only problem Marianne now faces is getting a response from Jacinta Price. It is impossible that she hasn’t heard about the callout by now. Marianne is definitely on her radar after her first video response to her campaign¬†was viewed almost 60,000 times. Her latest callout video (shown below) has been viewed over 30,000 times in just 4 days.

It seems that Jacinta Price is well and truly only interested in engaging with and promoting herself to non-Indigenous Australia as she cashes in on demand for an Aboriginal voice that aligns with the needs of the Australian government that is still hellbent on breaking down Indigenous communities, opening up more land for mining and assimilating our people into mainstream Australia.



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