Elijah Doughty not guilty murder

Developing Story

Earlier today a 100% non-Indigenous jury found a 56 year old non-Indigenous man to be not guilty over the death of Aboriginal teen, Elijah Doughty. During the trial, the 56 year old man argued that Elijah had swerved in front of him and he did not have time to stop. The man pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of dangerous driving causing death.

The claim that Elijah swerved in front of him did not add up with the review of the scene by a police crash reconstruction expert who said there were no signs of swerving or heavy breaking.

After the death, riots broke out in Kalgoorlie and tensions are once again high. We will be monitoring this story closely and will be posting updates as news comes in.

Update: Peaceful protests were held on Saturday the 22nd of July in Kalgoorlie in the presence of large numbers of police who were flown in from Perth. Another small shutdown protest occurred in Brisbane in response to the not guilty verdict. Nation wide protests are now being planned for later this week. Stay tuned for more updates on these protests.

Second update: The largest protests of all happened in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne which gained attention of the national media who were critical of the protesters.

aboriginal elijah doughty killed murdered justice
Emotions are still very raw in Kalgoorlie




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