Koori Knockout hijacked by government agendas

koori knockout hijacked by government agenda

If you have already been to the Koori Knockout this year, you are most likely sick to death of the government propaganda being blasted throughout the grounds over the loudspeakers.

Numerous complaints started to appear yesterday from Indigenous rugby league fans who were in attendance to see some great Rugby League action and to catch up with family. Unfortunately, the sounds of fans and players were constantly bombarded with government propaganda promoting the “Uluru statement”, the so called “statement from the heart”.

This statement has received much criticism from Indigenous commentators and activists. Yesterday it became clear that this statement is nothing but propaganda being funded from who knows where to be rammed down our throats.

Almost every 5 minutes a reminder was read out over the grounds loudspeaker about the statement. There were no reminders about the protest that was happening later that day against Aboriginal deaths in custody however.

Listen to the honest frustrations below from Uncle Raymond Weatherall.

Posted by Raymond Allan Weatherall on Thursday, 28 September 2017




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