Latrell Mitchell highlights systematic racism in his hometown of Taree

latrell mitchell taree racism attack police

NRL superstar, Latrell Mitchell has made headlines this week after he returned to his hometown and highlighted the issue of systematic racism.

Mitchell was able to return to Taree after the Roosters 36-4 win over the Brisbane Broncos on Thursday night.

As a part of his trip, Mitchell took some of his mob out for a night on the town. As usual it didn’t take long for the group to encounter racism. Sometimes it starts with a racist taxi driver, but in this latest case, it came from locals and security, the police and the media.

Following on from his conversation with the security guard, Mitchell was then slapped with a criminal infringement notice and a fine by Taree Police even though he was not directly involved with the incident that resulted in a group of people being removed from the venue.

Details are limited at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media trying to blow the story up into something that it isn’t. That is why we are flipping the script on this story and highlighting the systematic racism that exists in the entertainment, justice and media industries.

‪NRL star Latrell Mitchell in trouble over nightclub incident. Story:‬ #NRL #7NEWS

Gepostet von 7NEWS Brisbane am Montag, 8. April 2019

You have probably already seen the stories by now, but we would like to ask you to help us counter the negative news by sharing our story instead. Why can’t Indigenous sports stars be allowed to have a good night out without the threat of the media trying to rip the world out from under them.

We are yet to see any mainstream news story of how Mitchell made a surprise visit to a Junior Rugby League tournament on the same weekend where he was commended for his patience while being swamped by kids and parents who were very keen to get photos and autographs.

While this story highlights a high profile sports star, racism continues to cripple the lives of thousands of Indigenous people right across Australia. Racism continues to rob Indigenous people through lack of equal employment opportunities and overall inequality within the education, health and justice systems.

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