Malcolm Turnbull returns serve after Pat Cash’s Australia Day comments

malcolm turnbull australia day invasion day pat cash

Malcolm Turnbull has just taken to social media to deliver a speech aimed at upholding Australia Day.

It appears politicians in Canberra have become concerned after tennis legend Pat Cash stated publicly on National TV that he cannot celebrate Australia Day in respect to Indigenous people of Australia.

Australia Day

A free country debates its history, it does not deny it. Australia Day is Australia's day – a day when we come together and celebrate our nation and all of its history.

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday, 14 January 2018

Although the speech does not mention Pat Cash as the reason for the video we do know that the news from yesterdays comments have well and truly gone viral. The campaign to #ChangeTheDate has also followed up today with a new announcement by the Greens party.

Once again we are annoyed that like the media, the Prime Minister has only chosen to focus on the Australia Day comments without any word about the poverty concerns raised by Pat Cash.

Does anyone else feel strange that the Prime Minister feels the need to comment on this? It seems like the government is really concerned about what a future would look like where the nation is able to accept the true history and actually show respect towards Indigenous people in Australia.

We look forward to see which big celebrity will come out next and keep the momentum going. Maybe another famous Pat, like Patty Mills who is currently playing in the NBA.




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