Malcolm Turnbull’s marriage equality speech was a slap in the face for Indigenous people

malcolm turnbull aboriginal indigenous same sex marriage vote

Today’s marriage equality result was celebrated across the country today but the Prime Minister’s speech was a slap in the face for Indigenous people.

Mr Turnbull used today’s same sex marriage speech to highlight the values of democracy. He then went on to highlight the values that honouring the marriage equality vote include. Values such as fairness, equality, love and the right to have a fair go. Mr. Turnbull even went on to say that Australia was admired around the world because of these values and said that Australia does not discriminate by race or skin colour.

The great hypocrisy over these comments come when you look back to just a few weeks ago, when the Prime Minister decided on his own that an Indigenous voice to parliament is an unrealistic idea. This was a highly watered down proposal that was basically something that already existed. We already have advisory boards that give a voice to parliament. The only change that would have occurred is that the government would not be allowed to throw the advisory boards out at any given time.

So where is the democracy for Indigenous people in this country? Once again we find ourselves at the bottom of the scrapheap when it comes to respect towards our human rights. We find ourselves living under a dictatorship. A nation that will not accept us but at the same time, will not let us be independent.

The government only wants us to assimilate into ‘the great Australian dream’ where we are all pioneers trying to create what settlers believe is the greatest country on earth. But our country is hurting. The great Australian dream is a nightmare for our land and people.



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