Complaints roll in as McDonald’s takes action over harassment scandal

mcdonalds cairns harassment indigenous aboriginal

McDonald’s has responded to claims coming out of Cairns that a store manager made numerous inappropriate comments to a 16 y.o Indigenous girl during a job interview.

According to a report from the Courier Mail, McDonald’s have stood down the store manager immediately. According to the McDonald’s spokesperson the manager has been placed on leave to allow for a full and fair investigation to take place.

McDonald’s have affirmed that any allegations of this nature will be taken very seriously.

The investigation began as soon as their head office was informed of the matter on Tuesday. McDonald’s have also stated that the allegations described are completely unacceptable.

The outrage began after Rita Pryce detailed what was said to her daughter during her first ever job interview recently. The comments we’re sexually and racially vilifying. Since news of the harassment was shared online there have been several other people come forward with complaints of their own about management at the Manoora restaurant.

We would like to challenge McDonald’s to turn a negative into a positive by not trying to end this case as quickly as possible. We would love to see McDonald’s take the opportunity to engage in Nationwide Cultural Education practices. This could also be a perfect opportunity to look at their Indigenous employment plans as well.




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