Media silence over ‘race hate’ vandalism before Australia Day

racist graffiti kempsey aboriginal australia day captain cook statue vandalised

There were countless stories about the vandalism of the Captain Cook statue in Melbourne today but not one story about race hate vandalism spotted in Kempsey.

The graffiti was spotted by a young Indigenous woman today who then shared it online to express her disgust. The graffiti was spotted on the Kempsey train bridge this morning.

This act of vandalism occurred around the same time the Captain Cook statue was vandalised in Melbourne but throughout today, the nation has only heard news of the statue vandalism. This goes to show how the mainstream media can tell a one sided story surrounding Australia Day.

It appears the media would like to highlight aggressive acts from those opposed to Australia Day but will do all they can to keep quiet about stories which are aggressive and racist in nature towards Aboriginal people.

The truth is, these kind of comments are common in online communities especially in the lead up to Australia Day. It is disgusting to see these comments in any form but how can we bring these actions into the national spotlight when the media remains silent?




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