Millions of dollars belonging to Indigenous families found in secret government accounts


It was recently uncovered that there are thousands of unclaimed amounts of money sitting in the hands of the government. It is believed that the total from these amounts add up to over a billion dollars from which the government has been earning interest on.

We were tipped off about this story by one of our followers who believed there was a strong chance that many of these accounts belonged to Indigenous families. After a quick 15 minute investigation into some common Aboriginal family names, we discovered more than $100,000 AUD being held by the government. We hope this story can will prompt all of our mobs around the country to do a quick search to discover if the government is holding on to your money without your knowledge. There are many reasons as to why our money can end up in the government holding accounts. One way is when your bank account has been inactive for a period of 7 years. The bank closes these accounts and then hands over the funds to the government. This could potentially affect our people who may have had someone help them open an account, people who have moved interstate or even people who have spent time in prison. The government wont notify you about these accounts but anyone is free to check online.

Some of the other ways money ends up in these accounts are through life insurance payouts, wealth that has been passed on by deceased family members and payments of shares.

We have done a quick search of well-known family names. You can see there is well over $10,000 belonging to famous Yolngu families. We found money owing to famous Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander family names right across Australia. We even found over $2,000 that belongs to Anthony Mundine plus another account that belongs to Mal Meninga.

Don’t just rely on what we have found. Make sure you share this story with all your mob. Jump on to the website to search you name. It takes less than a minute.

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