No respect: grieving mourners harassed by racist Adelaide man

racist adelaide man glenelg beach

Friends and family of a teenage boy who tragically drowned at Adelaide’s Glenelg beach had to endure a tirade of racial abuse.

It is alleged that the man in the video had been filming the tragic scene where emergency workers were present. The racial abuse is believed to have started after the man was allegedly told to get away from the scene. The video has since been shared over 1000 times. You can clearly hear the man calling the teenagers ‘weak f%#& dogs’. The man then goes on to label the group as black c%#%s. It was at this moment the group turned on the man and lashed out at him with a hail of punches, kicks and even a ball to the head.

Commentators were quick to criticise the racist man for his actions with many labeling him as disgusting. Others criticised some of the onlookers who were quick to scream and shout after the group lashed out but were silent when the group were being racially abused.

Fuck all and every racist mafukka on this planet😤😤Edit: I can assure you all that nothing was done to him prior to any of this. He was the one instigating the whole thing and was only “harassed” after what he said. Even tho he was also the one filming and mocking the grieving families and all. but that’s none of my business

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