Media silence after suspected Neo Nazis attack Stolen Generations memorial

media silence neo nazis stolen generations memorial adelaide

A Stolen Generations memorial site in Adelaide has been attacked by suspected Neo Nazis.

The Colebrook Reconciliation Park which serves as a place of healing for members of the stolen generations and their descendants was attacked by suspected Neo Nazis just over one week ago in Adelaide.

The men were able to remove three memorial plaques that had been mounted on granite boulders for over 20 years. The Blackwood Reconciliation Group together with the Aboriginal Lands Trust have reported the incident to police and are requesting anyone with information to please come forward. They have also made a request for increased police surveillance of the area.

Greiving Mother Memorial - Colebrook Reconciliation Park
Greiving Mother Memorial – Colebrook Reconciliation Park

As mentioned above, this attack happened over a week ago and the Blackwood Reconciliation Group went public with a media release at the beginning of this week. As with many of our stories, our priority is to highlight stories that are being ignored by the media. Why aren’t there any other stories about this attack.

The Stolen Generations was a period of government sanctioned ethnic cleansing in Australia. In this case, we have suspected Neo Nazis removing the memorial plaques and there is nothing being said in the media about it. When a Captain Cook statue is vandalised it becomes national news and you could only imagine the uproar if a war memorial were to be vandalised. So we would like to know why is this case any different?

Update: a local news story was aired by Channel 10 after we broke this story. There are still no sign of any reports at a national level.

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