NT News launch new wave of attacks on Aboriginal communities

nt news attack aboriginal communities jacinta price political agenda

NT News have launched a new wave of attacks on Aboriginal communities with front page headlines based entirely on allegations.

NT news which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp have posted a preview of Wednesday’s front page headline on social media. Within minutes the post raised concerns among Aboriginal viewers who are questioning the motives behind the front page headline. The headline which is based entirely on allegations plays on the recent Australia Day debate and plays perfectly into the hands of Jacinta Price who conveniently happens to be running for election soon. Is this an example of how Australian media and politicians work together? We’ll let you decide.

First of all, how can you label 2 separate allegations as a national crisis? We are not defending those actions if they do turn out to be true, but as questioned by other viewers, aren’t there serious assaults and cases of abuse happening right across Australia?

Why does the NT news suggest politicians are the ones with the answers? That logic is very short sighted when you consider the lack of progress made by Australian politicians. The Australia Day dig suggests that Jacinta Price has the answers but what progress did her mother Bess Price achieve while in power?

Did you know that the NT government is refusing to cooperate with the federal government who want to investigate millions of dollars that have disappeared from Indigenous education and Indigenous housing budgets?

Finding the missing millions intended for Indigenous communities and spending them in Indigenous communities would be the correct way to prevent a national crisis.

Since you’re here, check out our recent article on Jacinta Price: 10 things you need to know about Jacinta Price.

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