Outrage after Brisbane business compares Aboriginals to overripe avocados


A Brisbane fruit business is in hot water over a recent social media post which used a racial slur in a poor attempt to gain a few likes.

Overnight, popular Indigenous rights Facebook page, Blackfulla Revolution has used their platform to call out Charlies Fruit Market in Brisbane over their recent sickening social media post where they used the following image with their own caption that read, “Love our Avocados… Hate our Abocados”.

When questioned about the slur, the business responded by claiming that this was simply a typo. Given that b and v sit next to each other on a keyboard, it would be reasonable to understand but why would the business want to write, “love our avocados… hate our avocados”? You might be thinking that still might be possible but once the so called typo was pointed out the business responded with a completely reworded sentence as was pointed out in the comments of the original post by Blackfulla Revolution.

The new corrected sentence reads, “one minute we love our avocados… next minute hate our avocados”. Other readers also pointed out that when trying to replicate what was typed, auto-correction highlights the spelling error right away.

We feel this is a low blow and a weak marketing tactic that uses controversy to gain a bit of attention. It appears they were trying to capitalise on hatred against Aboriginal people to help boost their business. Do they feel it’s a safe tactic because we only make up 3% of the population? Sadly this isn’t the first business to drop to such levels, however we hope that with more awareness, we will see those who make up the other 97% of the population standing up and joining us when we call out businesses, organisation and individuals who want to resort to these hateful tactics.

Update: The latest response by the business claims that the reasons behind the original caption are irrelevant. Their apology also appears to be directed at the fact that screenshots were shared and not for their own mistakes. Luckily the majority of comments are very critical of the Brisbane business.

How about looking at things from our point of view for once. How would you feel?

Ava go at that will ya?

We hope other businesses take notice of how fast we call out these acts and spread the word across social media. Welcome to Country will continue to be a platform that stands strong against this kind of hatred in Australia.

Welcome to Country is an independent Indigenous news/media website. We publish news stories that are often overlooked or ignored by Australia’s mainstream media.

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