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bent sticks fake aboriginal art redcliffe

Indigenous man fined by Police for questioning fake Aboriginal art trader

An Indigenous artist/business man from Redcliffe has been fined by police after questioning a fake Aboriginal art trader. Michael Connolly who runs his very own...
vic simms police aboriginal sutherland sydney

72 y.o Aboriginal man allegedly bashed by police gets charged with assault

Yes you read that correctly, a 72 year old Aboriginal man has been charged with assault after he was allegedly bashed by police. The incident...
anti terror police response to northern territory royal commission

NT Police responds to Royal Commission with anti terror units in Darwin and Alice...

In a bizarre announcement from the N.T police commisioner, it appears that the very first response to the royal commision into youth detention is...
police left bloody albany western australia noise complaint axe aboriginal

Police left bloody after heavy handed response to neighbourhood complaint

Viral video has emerged from Albany in W.A where police were seen using heavy handed tactics in response to a neighbourhood complaint. According to conversation...
aurukun police corruption allegation

Viral video exposes shocking allegations of police corruption in Aurukun

A video posted on social media this week has attracted thousands of concerned viewers across Australia and overseas. The video was posted by Randall McLeod,...
aboriginal people arrested for drinking at home

NT Police raid businesses to catch workers who claim to be Aboriginal

Police conducted raids across the NT yesterday in search of non Indigenous workers who were fraudulently claiming to be Indigenous. In a story we reported...
aboriginal man strip searched on street

Watch: Disturbing footage of police strip searching Aboriginal man in public

Disturbing footage has emerged from Adelaide of an Aboriginal man being strip searched by police in public. The incident occurred last Wednesday in Adelaide. You...
police murgon assault aboriginal indigenous girl video queensland

People are actually defending the QLD police officer who assaulted an Aboriginal girl

Even after Queensland police have referred the incident to their ethical standards command, people are defending the actions of the officer. The original video of...
police murgon viral videovideo

Video of police assaulting Aboriginal girl in Queensland goes viral

A video has emerged on Facebook yesterday of police assaulting a number of Aboriginal people in the small Queensland town of Murgon . The elderly...
Police attack dog aboriginal girl children western australia

Western Australian police are using attack dogs on Aboriginal children

In a disturbing media report that appeared on Wednesday this week, Western Australian police have been using attack dogs to apprehend Aboriginal children. It seems...