Palm Island Mayor compares Australia Day with the Jewish Holocaust

alf lacey palm island mayor australia day jewish holocaust

After digging through countless news stories surrounding councils that are questioning and considering changes to the date of Australia Day, we found some statements from Indigenous Councillors who’s statements were largely ignored by the national media.

In Palm Island, Mayor Alf Lacey fully supports moves to change Australia Day. Mr Lacey said it is now up to Australia to have this conversation. The Mayor of Palm Island went on to say that Indigenous communities view January 26th as a sorry day. He said that this will continue to be the case until some middle ground is found on the issue. Mr Lacey wants people to ask, “why we would celebrate the destruction of our culture and heritage”?

Palm Island Mayor – Alf Lacey

The final question asked by Councillor Lacey was, “Do the Jewish celebrate the Holocaust”? To which he answered, “No, they remember the sad part of it.” This was published in the Courier Mail almost four weeks ago in an article titled: Australia Day date: Brisbane has no plans to change, says Graham Quirk.

Do you see what is happening here? This is yet another case of mainstream media trying to manipulate the national conversation. When an Indigenous person says what the Palm Island mayor said, the story stops dead in its tracks. The media only want to portray the Australia Day debate as coming solely from “lefties” and green groups etc.

The media also loves to find the odd blackfulla who loves Australia day as well. I’m sure you would have heard about those stories right? Well if you want to throw a spanner in the works of mainstream media manipulation, you can help us out by sharing this story. Let’s keep the true conversation going from the original source.


January 26th is Invasion day and there is nothing to celebrate!

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