Watch: Disturbing footage of police strip searching Aboriginal man in public

aboriginal man strip searched on street

Disturbing footage has emerged from Adelaide of an Aboriginal man being strip searched by police in public.

The incident occurred last Wednesday in Adelaide. You can read the full description of the event and a statement from the man who was targeted by police in the original post. One thing that is very clear from the video is that the police began a strip search of an Aboriginal man on a public street.

When they realised they were being filmed, they escorted the man into the garage of a nearby house. The owners of that house had no connection to the man being searched. The house was also home to small children as the vision clearly showed children’s toys in the front yard. We will keep you updated about any response from the police over this.

Video footage / K.W. Kartinyeri

This is further proof that our basic rights are not being respected in Australia. We are beginning to see more and more incidents like this being recorded and posted online. We hope that this practice will continue to expose the erosion of rights that occur every day all around Australia.

Update: This story is now over a year old without any other media attention. Please continue to share this story so incidents like this won’t be ignored in the future.

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