Protests begin at Sunrise on 7 studios

sunrise 7 aboriginal protest martin place

Protests have begun outside Sunrise on 7 studios at Martin Place in Sydney.

Yesterday Sunrise invited an all white panel to discuss the issue of Aboriginal child protection policies and went way out of line by declaring that Aboriginal children should be placed in white families. One of the panelists, Prue MacSween, even declared that some members of the stolen generation were taken for their own good. The fact that these comments can be made so openly and without repercussions is disgusting. MacSween tried to legitimize an acknowledged act of genocide. This should be an offence just like it is an offence to deny the Jewish Holocaust in Europe.

So without any protections against these outrageous media attacks, protesters are now making their presence felt outside the Sunrise on 7 studios. Today’s small group of protesters will be joined by a much larger protest on Friday morning. There will also be mob there on Thursday and every other day to keep Sunrise in line.

Posted by Clayton Simpson Pitt on Tuesday, 13 March 2018

If you’re looking to join the protest on Friday morning, you can find out all of the details on the event link here. This protest is being coordinated by FISTT.

Are you watching Sunrise? Have your cameras ready to record… Who knows what else these racists will come up with next.

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