Because of her, we can’t: Queen Elizabeth called out during NAIDOC week

queen naidoc

Indigenous activists have used this years NAIDOC theme, “Because of her, we can” to draw attention to the Queen and her position in today’s society.

A meme which has been described as “hilarious”, “on point” and “savage” appeared last night on social media thanks to Sovereign Union, who often use memes as a way to draw attention to various Indigenous issues. Since then the meme has been shared and re-posted over 500 times in the last 24 hours.

The meme has flipped this year’s NAIDOC theme of “Because of her, we can” in honour of strong Indigenous women, to “Because of her, we can’t” which highlights how the Queen still sits silently in a dominant position as the Crown of the so called Commonwealth.

While some people claim that the Queen has no power in Australia, there is no questioning the influence the crown still has. The British Crown is still very visible on Australian currency, while members of the Australian parliament, Australian defence forces & the police force all pledge oaths to serve the Queen. On top of this, the Queen has sat quietly during her reign while some of the worst injustices were taking place against our people.

It is this silence and the inability of the Queen to engage and enter into discussions with our people which sees her facing the ongoing criticism today.

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