Queensland station owner had 40 sets of Aboriginal ears nailed to walls

lawn hill lorne hill station aboriginal ears nailed to walls queensland
Lawn Hill Station Homestead in the 1920's

A determined writer from W.A is lifting the lid on some of the worst crimes ever seen in Australia. The genocidal killing of Indigenous people in Australia by European settlers.

Writer Chris Owen who Authored the book, Every Mothers Son Is Guilty: Policing the Kimberley Frontier of Western Australia feels there is a lot more that needs to be done in order for all Australians to learn about Australia’s brutal past. He has recently decided that he will be working on another book the outlines even more Aboriginal history from the rest of Western Australia.

He is also posting some of his research from W.A and elsewhere across Australia on social media. Some of his posts have been shared several hundred times. In his most recent post, he highlights a diary entry from a young British Settler (Emily Caroline Creaghe) who was passing through Queensland gulf country in 1883. During her stay at Lorne Hills station, she detailed how the station owner (Jack Watson) had around 40 sets of Aboriginal ears nailed around the walls of the homestead.

It’s disturbing how she can write about the weather in one sentence and trophy killings in the next sentence. From her tone, it sounds like she is more disturbed by the weather than the owner of the station where she was staying.

Most of what Chris has posted is information that can be found online. All it takes is a little digging and you will discover the truth about brutal crimes against humanity that took place during Australia’s colonisation.

It seems that Australian’s have a real fear of this truth and so they should. To this day, there has been no justice for these crimes. Some descendants of these killers still occupy the same lands where their forefathers committed these crimes. The world needs to know about Australia’s history that happened at a time when International laws were in place.

Serious questions and talks about Australia’s legitimacy as a nation and compensation for the crimes and occupation need to happen. You can help force this to happen by sharing stories like this. We want it to be known all around the world that we are still here, still fighting for justice.

Welcome to country is an independent Indigenous news/media website. We publish stories that often remain absent from Australia’s mainstream media and National Education.

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