Real life sequel to Rabbit Proof Fence unfolds in Perth

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A modern day story that proves Australia’s stolen generations are not a thing of the past is happening right now in Perth.

In a bizarre case, Western Australia’s Department of Child Protection have called on Australia’s national media to publish a missing persons report for a 1 year old Aboriginal girl who is not missing. The mother has even replied to the missing persons report.

There are now serious concerns around the true intentions of the latest actions by the DCP who many believe are trying to shame and bully the mother into harming herself which has occurred under similar circumstances recently.

MISSING – PLEASE SHAREOne-year-old Sabina Coppin was last seen in Midland on the 14th September. The Department of…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎9 News Perth‎‏ في الجمعة، ٢٩ سبتمبر ٢٠١٧


The grandfather of the alleged missing girl is also outraged by these latest actions and has written the following letter to Channel 9:

I am the grandfather of allegedly “missing”Sabina Coppin. I need to talk to one of your reporters about this matter as there is a significant and controversial story about DFCS posting this notice and using Channel 9 and the Police service. The message about Sabina being missing and the implication that she is at risk is false. Sabina is with her mother safe and sound. The story involves a 8 year running persecution of Sabina’s mother by DFCS. There have been a number of well standing advocates supporting Sabina’s mother over the years but DFCS has continually stood fast, non-responsive to positive aspects of the case and completely non-negotiable on placing children with family members until matter is finalised. The persecution by DFCS of Aboriginal mothers is further highlighted with the recent suicide of a mother in Rockingham as a result of DFCS non-negotiable intervention with Aboriginal children. Both Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Ben Wyatt and Minister McGurk for Families has been contacted and are yet to respond. A social campaign is building against DFCS continuing to take away Aboriginal children without legitimate cause. I would appreciate your responding to this matter as there is a real story that needs to be told. It is optimistic at this stage but campaigners are hopeful of an enquiry into DFCS and its handling of Aboriginal children.

Wayne Warner. B.Appl.Sc (Hons)

Amangu Elder and Traditional Owner

Wayne is hopeful of an inquiry into the DCP and judging by the public response to the 9 news post, it looks like this latest tactic is going to blow up in the faces of the DCP workers. Many people have raised concerns over the practices used by the DCP.

Will this be the latest case from Western Australia that results in a state apology and compensation that runs into thousands or even millions of dollars?

Here is a response from Wayne’s daughter:

“I had my 5 older children removed in 2014 without thorough investigation, I was accused of neglecting and abusing my children without evidence They made me do a mental health assessment through a corporate psychologist across town and I live only 3.5 km away from a Mental Health Hospital. I have since done up to three independent assessments which have cleared me, one of those were made when I forced the Mills St mental hospital to admit me so I could prove my innocence They refuse to acknowledge my emails and attempts to work with them to get my babies home My two oldest ran away and came home but have since returned to care because Sabina’s father is a drunk and an idiot who sabotaged my progress I have got rid of him and my son Levi wants to come home and I speak with him everyday on the phone All my children have not had any sibling contact since Levi and Phoenix returned home This is unfair on the kids and it appears to be an attack on the children because the oldest two escaped I was studying my Diploma of Mental Health, in cert 4 I graduated with honours I own my own business Kool Muzik Productions and I am a popular self employed musician in Perth And I am on the board of Karla Wangkiny (Fire talk) an organization that helps underrepresented emerging musicians I have tried advocacy agencies, some proved to be lazy and one was using my story to enhance their organization, I felt I was bring exploited They threatened to remove Sabina before she was born, I did everything in my power to avoid that removal Two weeks ago I was pulled out of class to go to a meeting at DFCS I was alone and they interrogated me and because I pointed out that story of the white bitch who flogged her 10 month old, the district director pulled my team leader out of the office and when she returned she said “We will be seeking an order on Sabina tomorrow” I asked why and they gave me no answer So I went home packed me n bubba some stuff and we been running ever since I had to quit my studies, I have to reject work opportunities due to this situation, bubba is not attending creche and she loves her little friends there, I cant return to my home. Putting my home and contents at risk of squatters and thieves My life is ruined and all I want to do is keep Sabina and bring her siblings home I have a court trial date set for 31/10/17 I feel this is an attack due to the fact that my case is strong and they don’t want to return my babies even though they want to come home.”



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