Racism storm hits AFL one month before 2018 season begins

port adelaide racism 2018 supporters racist west coast

The start of the AFL season is still one month away but the league has already found itself at the centre of yet another racism storm.

The latest outburst of racism to hit the AFL came yesterday when a Port Adelaide supporter racially abused a group of West Coast Eagles supporters during a pre-season JLT Community Series game. It was reported that a group of Port Adelaide fans had been warned on a number of occasions for their offensive language (swearing) during the game however towards the end of the match, one supported called the West Coast Eagles supporters, “Ni*****”, which resulted in a confrontation between the two groups.

Fortunately the situation did not escalate further as the man who used the N word had already left the stadium. Security was also not able to respond quickly as most personnel had moved to the sidelines to prevent fans from entering the field of play. The friends of the racist man later apologised on behalf of the man but the AFL are now looking to track the man down, so further disciplinary action can be taken.

The AFL has been at the centre of a number of racial incidents and have been working hard to stamp it out, but it appears there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to stop this from happening again in the future.



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