Racism storm erupts after Dove publishes overtly racist ad

racist dove ad 2017

Dove are desperately trying to weave their way out of a racist storm after publishing an overtly racist ad on Facebook.

Serious questions are being asked as to how and why an overtly racist ad was ever allowed to be published by the personal care brand.

racist dove ad

The ad shows a black woman becoming white with the underlying message that the products will help give you lighter and whiter skin and worst of all, the idea that whiter skin is more beautiful and more desirable than darker skin.

What makes matters worse for the brand is that it isn’t the first time the company has been in this situation. The following ad was also published by the company in 2011 which has the same underlying message.

racist dove ad

Dove have apologised for the latest ad, as they did on the previous occasion. But the question has to be asked… How long until this happens again? Are Dove doing anything to learn from these mistakes?

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