Racist video rant goes viral for all the right reasons

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An outspoken Australian Nationalist went viral this week after posting a racist video rant on Christmas Day.

The video diary styled video was taken as he walked through Memorial park at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast. The park was filled with people of diverse backgrounds and they were all enjoying the holiday break. Everyone was enjoying the break except for the racist white man making the video. He was upset that there were no native Australians to be seen anywhere. He was referring to white Australian’s and this was just the beginning of his 4 minutes of hypocrisy. It was this hypocrisy that saw the video shared hundreds of times and resulted in over 100,000 views in 24 hours.

  1. Firstly the man completely disregarded the existence of Aboriginal people with his claim that white Australian’s were the original native population.
  2. While labeling ethnically Chinese and Indian people as migrants he once again forgets that white people in Australia are also migrants.
  3. He complained that these people are not assimilating as they continue to play their own foreign music. Once again there is a huge double standard here as this happened when white people moved to Australia.
  4. He had a huge problem with women wearing Hijab’s which he labeled as absolutely shocking.
  5. When some friendly locals of Indian background gave him a wave he delightfully claimed that they were assimilated.
  6. The racist man also had a poor standard of English. On multiple times he said “there is no Australian’s” when correct grammar would indicate that “are” should be used instead of “is”.
  7. There were actually some white Australian’s in his video which he tried to ignore.
  8. He questioned whether the “migrants” felt sorry for white Australia and the fact that “we have literally lost our culture”. (What culture?)
  9. While highlighting the blonde colour of his son’s hair, he stated that he does not feel like he is in his own country any more.
  10. At the end of the video he correctly labels the culture that he is looking for as European culture but continues to forget that he is over 15,000 km away from Europe.
  11. The man then claimed that diversity and multi-culturalism has dispossessed his people from his nation (his country). Really?

The video had been viewed over 100,000 times before the man realised that the video had failed to do what he had hoped for. The video drew a large amount of criticism from people of all backgrounds. Thankfully the video has now been removed by Facebook.

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