Angry racists are unknowingly helping #ChangeTheDate movement

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Could the racially charged hatred that’s been spewed across Australia over the last 7 days be helping the #ChangeTheDate movement?

I believe the answer to that question is a very big yes. Over the last 7 days we have seen the words of Indigenous Elder Tony Birch ring true: “Australia isn’t mature enough to celebrate on any day.” Before and after January 26th we have seen just how immature thousands of Australians really are when it comes to having a calm conversation about changing not just the date but changing the future of Australia.

Now, I’m not saying that anyone who doesn’t want to see the date change is racist. I acknowledge that there are thousands of Australians who don’t really want to think about it. But over the last week we have witnessed a substantial amount of racially motivated abuse and antagonistic displays of hatred aimed directly towards Aboriginal people.

I’m sure if there was a referendum today about changing Australia Day, we would see the majority rule in favour of keeping it as is. Sadly that’s how it is. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only make up 3% of the population because of the acts of genocide waged against us. (Our vote should be worth 5 votes) but that’s another battle.

Let’s break it down like this. In Australia, Indigenous people make up about 3% of the population. Then you have non Indigenous supporters who make up (just a guess) about 10% of the population. Then you have people who don’t really care, haven’t really thought about January 26th who make up a big majority (let’s say) 60%. Finally you have the anger fueled racists. They are not the majority but they sure do make a lot of noise. They are the final 27%.

With the greater awareness in 2018 about this issue and the racial hatred we have endured, I think it is only natural that many of those who make up the 60% mentioned above will begin to open their eyes. When they see the hatred they will know that January 26th cannot be regarded as a unifying day.

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