Racists target Urban Dictionary to demonise Aboriginal people

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We received many complaints this week about the extreme racism used to define Aboriginal on the popular website Urban Dictionary.

The website has numerous racist submissions for the word “Aboriginal” that date back to 2006. Aaron Peckham, the creator of Urban Dictionary has previously claimed that the website does allow racial slurs but does not allow racist or sexist entries. He has also used his website as an example of why free speech should be upheld.

The vile submissions for the word Aboriginal definitely go beyond racial slurs. Some of the definitions which were copied and pasted to Facebook were removed by Facebook as the posts were regarded as Hate Speech. Racist hate speech is exactly what the definitions on Urban Dictionary are.

There are actually some genuine and well written entries however they were also targeted by racists who used their collective numbers to generate hundreds of down votes which leave the hate speech definitions front and centre while the genuine articles remain on the 4th page for people who search the term Aboriginal.

Reporting entries is not easy but we have managed to find out where this can be done on Urban Dictionary. To contact Urban Dictionary to report the extreme racist definitions, visit the Contact Us Page. You can try to request a definition to be removed here but this will only result in a message that states “this definition is currently too popular”. An online petition has also been created which can be signed here.

We hope with enough people contacting Urban Dictionary, the racist posts will be taken down. Hopefully larger organisations will also pick up on this story to demand the removal of the hate speech.

If there is one positive to take from this situation it would be a reminder that majority rule does not always bring about the best result. This majority rule situation is also taking place with many Indigenous causes and campaigns where the majority of non-Indigenous people living in Australia get to dictate what happens in the lives of Indigenous people. This can be seen with discussions about changing Australia Day, the Australian flag and Anthem. This situation is also true for issues such as Aboriginal child protection and solutions for problems in Aboriginal communities being dominated by non-Indigenous voices.

This is hardly fair given that we are only a minority as a result of genocide.



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