Shameless Jacinta Price GoFundMe Campaign Stalls as Legal Questions Raised

jacinta price go fund me campaign election

Legal questions have been raised over a GoFundMe campaign that aims to raise over $250,000.

Jacinta Price is facing even more criticism this week after a campaign was launched by a friend living in Queensland to raise $250,000 to cover the costs involved with her election campaign.

Price is the nominated Country Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Lingiari, the second largest electorate in Australia. The campaign organiser who is not Jacinta Price and is not located in the Northern Territory, hints that money raised will be used to cover transport costs during the campaign however there is no definitive statement about this.

The campaign has also prompted many to question Jacinta’s motives. Firstly there was no prior mention that she would need to do this and the move surprised us all. Why did she ask a friend who lives in another state to set up the GoFundMe on her behalf? It appears to us that she may be taking these measures to exploit possible loopholes when it comes to electoral donations in the Northern Territory.

After five days it now appears the campaign is stalling. The campaign has only raised 5% of the campaign goal. Even some of her own followers are questioning why transport costs are not covered by the Country Liberal Party.

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Maybe Price can already smell election defeat and wants to scrap together as much money from her position as she can. However it looks as though support from her fan base only goes as far as likes and shares on Facebook.

Not all is lost for Price though. There will always be offers from the mainstream media who are constantly in need of an Indigenous mouth piece. Perhaps she can follow in Warren Mundine’s footsteps and get herself her own government subsidised television show.

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