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The Aboriginal Flag: Symbolism, History and Meaning

Since 1971 the Aboriginal flag has grown to become one of the most powerful and iconic symbols for Aboriginal people across Australia. Ever since the...

New gofundme campaign aims to fund construction of Abbott Proof Fence

A new gofundme campaign has been started by a prominent Indigenous leader who plans to build an Abbott Proof Fence at the Aboriginal Tent...

6 Aboriginal news stories mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear

The media plays a crucial role in manipulating public opinions in Australia. The media often follows a set government/corporate agenda. The media has the power...

Iconic Lobby restaurant reclaimed by Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra

New life has been breathed into the iconic Lobby restaurant in Canberra after it was reclaimed by Ngunnawal people with the support of the...

Federal government turns back on first nations treaty talks in Canberra

The country wide gathering of nations at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy is now only 2 weeks away. Last month the government was put on notice...