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Media Blackout: the moment police were evicted by Aboriginal protesters

Aboriginal Protesters at the Commonwealth Games made lots of headlines last week but one of the most heated exchanges were left out. On Friday morning...

Commonwealth protesters expose Australia’s racist double standards

Commonwealth protesters on the Gold Coast have successfully exposed Australia's racist double standards. Vision of protesters blocking the Queen of England's relay baton was all...

5 reasons to join the Commonwealth Games protests

Many people appear to be shocked and confused about why Aboriginal groups are protesting the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. There has been...

Fake Aboriginal art scandal rocks Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games organisers have been accused of supporting the fake Aboriginal art trade with their choice of the official games Aboriginal merchandise supplier. With the...

It’s time we talk about the Commonwealth Games

In 2018, Australia will host the Commonwealth Games. But how relevant are these games in this day and age? Around the world we have the...