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Armytage family: a brutal history of Aboriginal dispossession and massacre

The Armytage name is very well known throughout Australia. It has been a household name for over 200 years. In recent years the most famous...

Anning family’s murderous frontier history exposed

The Anning family has been implicated in some of the most brutal crimes that took place against Aboriginal people across far North Queensland. Last Tuesday...

Aboriginal men forced to collect wood to burn their own bodies

While attention drawn to wartime losses around ANZAC day increases, knowledge of Aboriginal massacres remain relatively unknown. One of the most recent massacres that occurred...

Forensic science exposing Australia’s hidden genocide

Forensic science is beginning to help uncover some of Australia's darkest secrets. For decades there has been heated debate around how the Indigenous population in...

NSW landholder signs a treaty with local Aboriginal community

Paul Dixon, a landholder in the small NSW town of Rylestone recently discovered some brutal truths surrounding the frontier days of the area. The truth...