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Palm Island Mayor compares Australia Day with the Jewish Holocaust

After digging through countless news stories surrounding councils that are questioning and considering changes to the date of Australia Day, we found some statements...

Sunrise and Today stage Aboriginal debates without any Aboriginal people

Australia’s media has intensified the debate surrounding the way colonial figures are currently honoured. This morning, both morning shows invited guests to comment but...

7 ways Aboriginal people are still being robbed in Australia today

We always hear from non-Indigenous people that we get so many benefits. In reality the benefits are few and far between and usually come...

Image of Aboriginal children published in unrelated child prostitution story

An Aboriginal family in Australia's north west are now seeking legal advice after WA Today published images of their innocent children in relation to...

Channel 7 launches hate campaign against Indigenous rights supporters

Since Melbourne councils have been rolling out plans to scrap Australia day, Channel 7 has begun a hate campaign that tries to shame all...