The Age newspaper called out for monkey headline

the age aliir aliir racist headline monkey

The Age Newspaper has raised a few eyebrows this morning after an alleged racist cheap shot was spotted by readers.

Yesterday, The Age Newspaper used the idiom, “get the monkey off the back” to describe the Melbourne Demons’ habit of failing towards the end of the AFL season. The article came after their recent loss to the Sydney Swans on Sunday.

The story was first published online yesterday without controversy, however this morning, some readers of the newspapers (print version) were left feeling like The Age had thrown a racist cheap shot by using an image that only showed Sydney Swans star Aliir Aliir in play with the headline, “Monkey still on the Demons’ back”.

The Age will no doubt claim there is nothing sinister with the choice of pic and claim that it doesn’t matter which player they chose to put in picture. But one has to wonder why the same picture used online (below) wasn’t used in the newspaper.

It looks like to us and many others, that the editors have jumped at the chance to tap into the racist undercurrent that exists within the AFL and the wider Australian public by throwing a cheap shot at Sydney Swan’s star Aliir Aliir.

In case you’re not familiar with the issue here in Australia, AFL fans, players and officials have all come under fire for several cases that involved taunting and labeling dark skinned players of various ethnic backgrounds as monkeys and apes.

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