The most powerful Indigenous speakers in Australia today


With the new generation stepping up and continuing the activism of our Elders, it is important that we learn from them. We need to listen to not only what they are saying right now, we also need to observe how the best speakers have the ability to connect with the public and make sure their message is being heard.

The best speakers speak with genuine passion for what they believe can be achieved. To be a great speaker you also need to be educated on the history & culture as well as being up to date with current events. It is important also to pay respect to the land you are talking on. Let’s take a look at 3 of the best Indigenous speakers in Australia today.

Jenny Munro


Robbie Thorpe


Gary Foley


Can you feel their passion? That passion comes from a genuine desire for change and the belief that change can really happen. There is no point speaking up for change if you don’t believe in what you are saying. So as Gary Foley says, maintain the rage! After 229 years of brutal oppression, we are yet to see any justice.

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