The world’s most popular Aboriginal superfood

macadamia nuts australian aboriginal bush food superfood

You can find many articles that talk about Aboriginal superfoods. Strangely many of these articles overlook the most popular of all.

This superfood is the only major commercially grown bush food in Australia. It has been grown commercially for more than 100 years and now contributes more than $150million to Australia’s economy. We are talking about the Macadamia nut which is native to Northern New South Wales, Southern & Central Queensland. The nut is traditionally known as jindilli, bauple, gyndl, or boombera to Indigenous people from these areas.

Macadamia nuts have grown in popularity around the world and they are now grown in Central and southern America, Hawaii, and Southern Africa. The demand for Macadamia nuts continues to grow each year.

Are you worried about heart disease? Macadamia nuts have the power to lower cholesterol levels. In fact Macadamia nuts are jammed packed full of nutritional goodness.

Macadamia nuts are not only good for your heart, they are also good for your brain, your bones and your waistline. These humble, often chocolate covered Indigenous nuts have so many benefits.

We all know that the state of Indigenous health right now is at crisis levels. We aren’t doing ourselves any favours with our cravings for fast food. Many of us are dying before the age of 50. Our ancestors didn’t have these issues. How could they, when they had a mixed and balanced diet that included some of the healthiest Indigenous foods on the planet.

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