Tony Abbott has a passion for assimilation, not Indigenous people

tony abbott assimilation indigenous aboriginal

With so much talk about Tony Abbott and his special role as envoy to Indigenous affairs, we thought it was important to set one thing straight; Tony Abbott has a passion for Assimilation, not Indigenous affairs.

This week we saw Tony Abbott accept the role of special envoy into Indigenous affairs. Just the fact that he accepted the role shows how disconnected he is from Indigenous people in Australia, with an overwhelming majority of us publicly stating that Tony Abbott is not wanted. Tony Abbott is the most destructive person in the Australian parliament which makes this move by the new Prime Minister feel more like an attack on Indigenous people.

Indigenous affairs minister, Nigel Scullion, Scott Morrison and others in the media have tried to justify that Abbott is well suited for the job by commenting on his so called passion for Indigenous affairs. It just goes to show how pathetic the government really is. In any other industry, important jobs are not awarded purely on passion. Surely qualifications and experience should come into play?

Tony Abbott definitely doesn’t have any qualifications and when it comes to his experience, it should serve as a big red flag. But that doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the way the Australian government handles Indigenous affairs. The government either supports the agenda of assimilation and/or wants to see how destructive/divisive he can be towards our communities.

As was the case back in 2015, we need an Abbott proof fence!

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