Tony Abbott, what are you doing on my country?

tony abbott cherbourg message stick walk alwyn doolan

As the Tony Abbott circus rolled into Cherbourg last week, he crossed paths with the Message Stick Walk.

Wakka Wakka man Alwyn Doolan who is making his way from Bamaga to Canberra as part of the Message Stick Walk crossed paths with Tony Abbott last week. Tony Abbott was in the community as part of his special envoy tour which doesn’t seem to have any agenda. So it was only natural for Doolan to ask the question, “I wanna know what you’re doing on my country?”

In typical political fashion, Tony Abbott wasn’t able to answer the simple question. All he could say was that he was invited to the community. Shortly after this moment and after asking, “are you here to thank us for putting up with invasion”? One of Abbott’s aides said, “that’s enough” and escorted Abbott out of the room. Doolan said he followed Abbott out and asked what he will report back to Nigel Scullion (the Indigenous Affairs Minister).

While following the Abbott entourage, Doolan informed Abbott that he had no authority or decision making power in Wakka Wakka country. Doolan also asked Abbott to let his fellow government bodies know that his Message Stick Walk was headed for Canberra. Abbott told Doolan he would like to have a meeting once he arrives in Canberra.

Welcome to Country is an Independent Indigenous news/media website. We have published this story as it isn’t being told by Australia’s mainstream media. If you would like to support the Message Stick Walk, you can make a donation here.



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