Too Deadly: social media giant releases Aboriginal flag icons

aboriginal flag emoji icon sticker snapchat

Aboriginal flags and icons have begun to appear across Australia’s third largest social media network this week.

We are yet to see any official announcement but we can confirm that Snapchat users can now add Aboriginal flag & Deadly stickers/icons while using the popular app. Have you found them yet? Let us know in the comments below.

snapchat aboriginal flag sticker emoji icon

There has been a long campaign to get Aboriginal flag icons & emoji’s on social media and it looks like Snapchat is the first to make it happen without any strings attached. Earlier this year it was announced that Twitter users could activate Indigenous flag icons by using a set list of hashtags however this appears to have been only for a limited time.

According to a report this year from Sensis, Snapchat is the third largest social media network in Australia behind Facebook and Instagram. It is believed that the reason why we are yet to see a permanent Aboriginal flag emoji on Facebook is because the copyright to the flag belongs to Harold Thomas.

We will be watching to see how long the icons stay on Snapchat. Will Uncle Harold crash the party or is Snapchat paving the way for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to follow?

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