Townsville Uber driver tells Indigenous musician that all blacks should be shot

townsville racist uber driver

Indigenous musician Scott Darlow took to social media this week after an Uber driver told him that blacks should be shot.

The Melbourne based musician said that he spent almost 30 minutes with an elderly male driver who drove him to a gig in Townsville. The driver told Scott that “all of Townsville’s problems were caused by blacks and they could all be solved if we could just take them out the back and shoot them.” The driver then made a haunting admission that “you’re not allowed to do that anymore.”

The Indigenous musician said it took everything he had not to give the driver a hiding for what he said. Scott managed to keep his cool and explain to the driver who he was. He set the record straight after the driver finished his ignorant rant that also included some uneducated views about the detention centre where Scott had just finished holding a workshop.

That moment when your @uber driver tells you that they could sort all the problems in Townsville by taking the "black bastards out the back and shooting them" #qld #townsville #rednecks #closingthegap #darlow

Posted by Scott Darlow on Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Sadly these type of views aren’t isolated to Townsville. These kind of views are common around many regional towns and cities across Australia. We hope that with more people calling out and taking a stand against this kind of ignorant behaviour, that it can become a thing of the past.

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