Translating all signs to English would send Australia into recession

translating signs australia english sydney chinese aboriginal

There is outrage in Australia this week after a Chinese owned apartment complex installed a sign that is only written in Chinese.

News broke this weekend about a Sydney apartment complex which has a small sign written only in Chinese. There appears to be outrage by the local council and among nearby non-Chinese residents in Epping.

Once news of this story spread across social media, more and more outrage began to develop with many people calling for an English translation to be added.

According to some people, English is Australia’s first language and everything must be translated for English speakers. But is that really possible?┬áThere seems to be a huge oversight here.

Have a think about how many place names there are around Australia that have Aboriginal names. Do these signs have translations? The majority of them do not.

Do you feel angry if you don’t know the meaning of Cunnamulla or Goondiwindi? Are you angry that there are signs bearing these names without translation? Translating all of these signs to give an English meaning would send Australia into an economic recession.

Calm down Australia, your settler insecurities are showing.



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