Treaty Council leading the way towards Indigenous Independence

treaty council townsville meeting indigenous aboriginal sovereignty

The Treaty Council came back into Townsville again recently to meet Traditional Owners who are determined to explore independent economic solutions for their people and their country.

Coinciding with Townsville’s Indigenous All Blacks Rugby League Carnival, Indigenous People met at the Treaty Council gathering to talk business.

Two of the leading Indigenous Groups, the Wadja and Yuru Tribal Governing Councils led by Wadja Foreign trade minister Wagan Guburu and Yuru Nation Representative Randell Ross met with the Treaty Council at the Mercure Inn Hotel.

The Treaty Council which consist of Indigenous business & Media consultants, Investors, International Bankers and International Experts in Constitutional Law met with the Tribal Governing Council and representatives in a show of genuine support for their cause.

The second round of Treaty Meetings lasted two days with the two Tribal Governing Groups.

The Treaty meetings are part of a series of gatherings organised by QLD Tribal groups who are seeking advise and legal support, from the Treaty Council.

The Treaty Councils, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business Consultant Alex Wymarra said “The time has come where Our People want to be empowered to make better choices for their future and ongoing existence. That might involve financial independence, which our Treaty Council can help with”.

The Treaty Council boasts a international database of investors, business advisers and the best legal minds in the global commodity industry.

“We are here to assist any Indigenous Tribe in the Great Southern Land who might want Economic Independence and ongoing corporate support”. said Alex Wymarra

“For too long our First Nation People have been ripped off and treated like 3rd, 4th and 5th class citizens. We know there are State and Federal funded organisations and other stake holders that fly in and out of these remote communities who are not doing a thing to stop the poverty. That is not ok?” said Alex.

International Constitutional Lawyer Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, is also part of the Treaty Council consortium and is offering his legal advise to those Tribes that seek Independence.

As stated in the secret orders to Captain Cook: “You are also with the consent of the natives to take possession of convenient situation in the country in the name of the King of Great Britain”.

No consent was ever given and the subsequent followers to Captain Cook just took and claimed the entire continent. The time has now come, two and a half centuries later for there to be proper consultation and the time is now”, Sir John said.

Members of the Treaty Council including Alex Wymarra have also signed a treaty with International Humanitarian organisation Humanitad, an organisation that believes in Equality and self empowerment for the worlds Indigenous Peoples.

The Treaty Council is aligned with those Indigenous people who seek to exercise their basic human rights under the UN Human Rights Charter on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The Treaty Council have more treaty meetings planned for next month.

To contact the Treaty Council | Email:

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