Treaty talks in Townsville give hope to Australian Indigenous nations

sovereign indigenous treaty talks queensland

Treaty talks took place in Townsville this week, between Tribal groups from North Queensland and an Independent Treaty council.

The Treaty Council were invited by the 7 representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island tribes and clans. These included Wadja, Yuru, Kaureag, Bagaarrmuguwarra, and clans Peibre, Komet, Magaram from Mer, the home of Uncle Eddie Koiki Mabo.

treaty council queensland murray island

The Treaty Council with their team of Indigenous consultants, international legal experts and corporate investors arrived in Townsville on Wednesday for the two day Treaty forum.

The Treaty Council came ready with an international database of corporate investors and a legal team that included renown Sovereignty law expert Sir John Walsh of Brannagh.

The tribes and clans who hosted the treaty forum, met to discuss ways to manage their countries more effectively and safely.

The discussions weighed heavily on the issues around land,sea, and culture rejuvenation and preservation.

The treaty forum ended with the seven nations and clans agreeing to work with the Independent Treaty Council.

By working with the Treaty Council, the tribes and clans in attendance hope to move towards a more sustainable economic future. This would allow them to continue to exercise cultural autonomy on their own terms, whilst eradicating genocidal poverty created by Government policies that are supported by local agencies and land councils.

With further discussions, the tribes and clans could secure economic treaties similar to the treaty recently signed between the Wik people and International investors from China.




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