Uluru maternity shoot inspiring victims of domestic violence

cudubu morgan maternity shoot uluru aboriginal domestic violence
Cudubu Morgan / Lisa Hatz Photography

Domestic violence is a very serious thing, not only in Australia. But around the world. On average, 1 woman a week is killed by domestic violence in Australia.

My name is Cudubu and this is my story.

I myself am a victim of domestic violence. The first time I experienced domestic violence was the 13th of May 2017. He stripped me, beat me & mentally abused me. He stripped me of everything. And then I found out that I was pregnant, which despite everything that had happened, it was the best news I could have ever received.

After that life changing experience. I tried to pick myself back up, i returned to work at the Ayers rock resort and I continued my training with ongoing counselling. I was depressed. I was alone. I was fighting for my strength, confidence and my light back.

I told myself time and time again, that I’m getting my maternity photos done with Uluru in the background. And the amazing Lisa Hatz arrived to the resort and I saw my chance.

Life will throw rocks and sometimes it’ll miss us and go straight past us. But half the time it hits us, bruises us, damages us. Its up to us to get back on our feet and keep going. Its up to us to say if we fall or if we rise.

I am a strong black, young single mother. And I say that with pride.

I believe my photos represent strength, culture, pride, courage, confidence and most importantly, self belief. Because when we have no one to help us mentally through these situations. We need to believe in ourselves and believe that we can pull ourselves from these situations and rise above it.

I dedicate my maternity shoot to the brave victims who have survived domestic violence and those who are still going through it. Hopefully this will shed some light and give you the confidence and strength to get yourself out of that situation. I also dedicate this to the victims who have fallen and lost their lives by the hands of a little boy.

Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.

I want to spread the word more about domestic violence because this photo shoot actually gave me the strength that I needed to follow through with my staff training at Ayers rock resort. It’s a very good opportunity working there. I wanted to go home and be by myself. But i had a dream. I had tunnel vision and this photo shoot was my prize.

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