UN calls for complete closure of regional Australia


The United Nations special rapporteur for Indigenous rights has called for a drastic plan aimed at protecting Aboriginal land, languages, people and cultures.

The drastic plan calls for the mass migration of all non-Indigenous settlers to migrate out of regional centres and into Australia’s capital cities. The news comes after repeated breaches of basic human rights and pillaging of natural resources which show no signs of stopping in regional towns and cities across Australia.

The plan also aims to halt accelerating rates of environmental destruction from agricultural and mining industries as well as empowering Aboriginal Nations to have complete independence as to what happens on their land which includes re-establishment of traditional burning practices which will help prevent the mega-fires that have devastated much of Australia’s forest areas in recent times.

The plan would turn some of Australia’s capital cities into Mega Cities and financial experts believe the plan would benefit Australia’s economy in the long term as investment into infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications and power would be focused in cities instead of the current situation where industries operate expensive sub-standard networks that are spread out across Australia’s harsh regional and remote areas.

What happens outside of the Capital cities is not yet known as those decisions lay with individual Aboriginal Nations. However UN officials believe it would be highly likely that Aboriginal Nations would be able to either operate or lease out agricultural land to fund their own Indigenous hospitals, schools, and legal systems.

Aboriginal leaders have called the move a win-win situation for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and believe the non-Aboriginal population would still be able to visit the independent Aboriginal Nations using tourist and working visas. Aboriginal people would have the freedom to choose between city or country life.

We are really interested to hear from all of our readers about this plan. Do you see it as realistic? Would it be similar to the mass migration that occurred when Pakistan was created? Could we see kangaroo meat become a mainstream food for Australians under an Aboriginal led livestock industry? Would highways be cut to make sure it’s not easy for Aboriginal lands to be re-colonised? And most of all we want to know what score you would like to give us for this April Fools article.

Although this story is not true, the plan is one of many ideas that are spoken about within Indigenous circles. These ideas never reach a national level and are largely suppressed by Australia’s mainstream media, so we thought we would use this opportunity to create a story that could capture nationwide attention. If we had you fooled, why not share this article to help fool the rest of Australia while helping to spark new ideas about how the future of this country will look like in a time that has little direction or leadership and barely any thoughts about the true owners of this country.

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