United Nations report reveals that Australia is not OK


People living in Australia often hear about UN reports that condemn foreign countries who continuously breach human rights. But this month, the UN condemned Australia and the nations mainstream media chose to ignore it.

The report was yet another criticism of Australia’s failure to take Indigenous rights seriously. How is it that a first world nation that gains it wealth from stolen land still treats us as foreigners in our own country?

There have been numerous reports, royal commissions and investigations but no genuine outcomes Genuine outcomes into health, justice, education and other basic essentials such as housing and water. Community led initiatives that have proven to be successful become starved of funding and are replaced by big ideas from people who know nothing about our struggles.

Many of us believe these tactics are strategically planned to continue the war against our land, people and culture that has been happening since 1788. Today is R U OK Day in Australia, an initiative that aims to promote mental health awareness.


Australia is most definitely not OK. One of the most important aspects of mental health is understanding who you are and being comfortable with who you are. Australia as a modern nation is still struggling to understand who they are. Government leaders still promote a history based on lies and are very uncomfortable about having the true history discussed.

Asking R U OK is about starting a conversation, and we believe that by starting this conversation about a true national identity would not only have a profound impact on Indigenous issues but also mental health issues for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living in Australia. You can help start this conversation by sharing this article.


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