Urban Dictionary responds to racism complaints

urban dictionary takes action over racist aboriginal definitions

After renewed calls to remove the horrendous definitions of the word Aboriginal, Urban Dictionary has now removed all of them.

Great news! After a renewed campaign to direct complaints to Urban Dictionary as well as the Human Rights Commission and the eSafety Commissioner, Urban Dictionary appears to have removed all of the racist and derogatory definitions that targeted Aboriginal people.

We would like to thank Urban Dictionary and everyone who got behind this renewed effort. There are now a total of 26 definitions under the word Aboriginal and all of those are positive definitions. Over the last few days many new submissions have been sent in which were upvoted by many of you who were actively checking in and trying to directly create change with the site.

This time last week, there were numerous definitions that had been on the site for several years. Thankfully those definitions have been removed and the people who submitted the racist entries have been silenced.



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