Video exposes father and son bashing Aboriginal boy

port augusta father and son attack aboriginal boy

Sickening video has emerged from Port Augusta where a father and son are seen attacking a young Aboriginal teenager.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by the Aboriginal boy’s Aunty after the vision was passed on to her. The video shows a father and son chasing down an Aboriginal boy because of an earlier incident at school where the boy allegedly spat on the man’s daughter after she allegedly made racist comments towards him. The father can be heard telling the Aboriginal boy not to hit his son. He then allows his own son to throw the Aboriginal boy to the ground and attack him. The situation then escalates further after the father begins to make threats against the Aboriginal boys family.

Posted by Annalise Coulthard on Monday, 11 December 2017


Police have already arrested both the father and son over the incident which took place at around 11 am on Monday the 11th of December. Locals have also identified the work uniform that the father is wearing and have already made complaints to his employer. We will be watching this case closely to see how justice is served.

7 News | Port Augusta Assault

A father and son have been arrested after a horrific video emerged showing them bashing a teenager in Port Augusta. The terrified boy can be seen cowering from a series of punches as the duo order him onto his knees, telling him… this is payback.Report in 7 News at 6pm.#PortAugusta #7News

Posted by 7 News Adelaide on Monday, 11 December 2017


This is not the only disturbing news to come out of Port Augusta either. In October, video was sent to us showing a group of Aboriginal kids being chased down by a four wheel drive. In that video a boy narrowly escaped being hit. This incident was not reported by the media at all. It is this censorship of news and the lack of justice as seen with the case of Elijah Doughty, that allow these incidents to continue.





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