WA Transit Police allegedly bash and threaten to shoot Dylan Voller

dylan voller wa transit police

Dylan Voller has posted graphic photos of injuries he received at the hands of WA’s transit police in Perth.

According to Voller, WA Transit Police threatened to shoot him during a brutal arrest that occurred last night in Perth. Details are limited at the moment but it appears that he was released by police once an ambulance arrived at the scene. Voller sustained a number of injuries to his face, arms and body and said he was coughing up blood soon after.

This is not the first time Voller has been the focus of police attention since his release from Don Dale Prison last year. It only took a matter of hours before WA police stopped him and conducted a thorough search of his car after crossing the WA border late last year. He was also targeted by police in Alice Springs during a Shut Youth Prisons protest.

Voller has also posted a number of interactions with WA police which show he is being approached by police on a regular basis. Voller has also been vocal about his ongoing battle with depression since being released from prison which has put him at the centre of national media attention and online bullying.

We hope those close to Voller give him the support he needs. We can’t continue to let Voller down as he deals with continual intimidation from authorities and members of the public.

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